Frequently Asked Questions About Croquet Golf

If you have a question about the fun outdoor recreational game of croquet golf, check here first.

How much space do you need?
Croquet golf is a fun outdoor game that can be played on the beach, in your backyard, at a park, as a college game on campus or anywhere you can find about an acre of land.
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Can you use a regular croquet ball?
Because of full swing croquet golf players often take, both the ball and the mallet must be extremely durable. We know the Nine Holes Anywhere croquet golf balls are made of the right stuff to withstand the intensity of a full golf swing. Even Nine Holes Anywhere balls break occasionally while a standard croquet ball is made for a completely different game and intensity.
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Does it require a particular kind of turf?
Croquet golf is a fun outdoor gamethat can be played anywhere on grass, sand, dirt or even ice/snow. The more varied the terrain, the more challenging the croquet golf course will be for you and your friends. DRIVEWAYS, concrete or gravel surfaces are not recommended.
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How many people can play at a time?
As many people or teams as there are mallets. Each set includes 4 standard mallets, 6 balls, 9 numbered flag-pins with a canvas carrying bag, and instructions. Additional mallets can be ordered online. Players or teams can also share mallets to allow more to participate.
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How long is the average game?
Nine holes of croquet golf usually take 30-45minutes depending on the course design and the number
of players.
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How should I design my course?
Be creative. Think about where you would like to start and end and try to incorporate as much fun terrain as possible in between. Here are more ideas on your croquet golf course design.
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How do you keep score?
Players tee off one at a time with the lowest scoring person or team driving first. Players are given 3 shots per hole to remain even (Par 3 in golf). The players below or closest to even have the best score. When keeping score the person or team with the lowest number of overall strokes wins. The most popular format is better ball partners. Download a croquet golf scorecard here.
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Does the ball get airborne?
The ball can get airborne with a hard swing but generally doesn’t get more than 3’-5’ off the ground and quickly drops back down to a bouncing roll.
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Will I break windows?
No. The ball doesn’t usually get off the ground high enough or long enough to break windows. The biggest safety concerns would be hitting a person or an object with a ball or a mallet. Like golf, however, players learn to be out of the fairway and to stay clear of the swinging mallet.
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How much does it cost?
Prices range from $40 to $750.
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How can I share my game stats with others?
Visit our Facebook page to post your game stats. We’re working on a way where everyone can share
their stats.
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Why should I buy a croquet set from you versus a standard croquet set?
At Nine Holes anywhere, each croquet golf set is the embodiment of uncompromising quality and exceptional hand craftsmanship engineered to withstand a full golf swing. From the set of 9 numbered pin flags to the finely sanded shafts, Nine Holes Anywhere, you’ll experience a new level of challenge, skill and performance in a fun outdoor yard game. Your standard croquet set will not stand up to the full swing impact, the ball with not roll as far, and your overall experience will be disappointing in comparison.
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What age group is croquet golf designed for?
Nine Holes Anywhere croquet golf game appeals to all age groups, primarily for players 8+. I drive the ball for my 4 year old and he loves to putt. Grandparents effortlessly play with their grandchildren and croquet golf is the rage on college campuses, and fraternities.
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Where’d you come up with the name “croquet golf”?
My Dad and my Uncle Geordie starting calling the game croquet golf back in 1969 when they 1st invented the sport. Among those who play it has always been croquet golf (not to be confused with golf-croquet which is a version of standard croquet). Here’s more croquet golf history.
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