Croquet Golf History

Pennsylvania on Thursday July 17th, 1969 – the day after the Apollo 11 launch. The legendary croquet golf foursome of Ron Maroney, Glen Dugdale, Ernie Rivet and Randy Barton has played the game nearly every Sunday since 1969. Standard croquet sets were first used for the game of croquet golf, but the mallets continued to break under the stress of a full swing. In 1970, Geordie, a Boeing engineer, designed specialized rugged croquet golf mallets applying the best technology and materials available. Ernie and Ron eventually designed and built croquet golf mallets similar to the ones we make today.

George Scarlett, Bud Lee, Forrest Pragoff and Dick Dobbs have been legendary local players, known to play in snow, on ice, in sand and through neighborhoods. This croquet golf foursome set the precedent for a true all season gentlemen’s game.

Bill Dugdale, son of Glen and nephew of Geordie, grew up thinking everyone played Croquet Golf. In 2001, expounding upon Geordie’s original design, manufactured custom croquet golf sets for his friends. The demand for croquet golf has grown, and now can be custom-made with company logos, college and fraternity emblems, or personally monogrammed as a unique gift for the person who has everything.

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On Father’s Day I played with my 67-year-old dad and my 4-year-old son. Awesome!

– William C.