The Game of Croquet Golf

Nine Holes Anywhere Croquet Golf - The Game

Nine Holes Anywhere Croquet golf is a unique outdoor game that combines the challenge of golf with the portability and limited time commitment of croquet. A portable outdoor game, croquet golf is inspired by the rules of golf, played with ruggedly engineered croquet mallets to withstand a full swing, and allows players of all ages to compete in a recreational game of golf anywhere, with limited space requirements.

The game of croquet golf allows you to bring the fun of golf to your backyard. It is a challenging recreational game designed for adults and their families with no greens fees! You get to design your nine-hole course to make it as tough and exciting as possible. All the unique qualities of a property should be used to enhance play. Share the outdoor fun of golf with family, friends and neighbors. Buy a set as a unique golf gift or custom order your croquet golf set.

I’m addicted! I will spread the gospel of NHA!

– John W.