Croquet Golf Course Design

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Croquet golf is an outdoor game that can be played on the beach, in your backyard, at a park, on a college campus or anywhere you can find about an acre of land. Blending the values of tradition and innovation, croquet golf ignites a challenge on any course design.

Consistent with the rules of croquet golf, courses generally have nine holes of play. When designing your croquet golf course, consider the use of banking hills, water hazards, gates and interesting terrain to create realistic but challenging croquet golf holes, and timeless outdoor fun. The average hole on a good croquet golf course is about 30 to 40 yards. A croquet golf ball can roll 80 to 100 yards if struck well depending on the terrain and surface. Croquet golf courses are usually played on an acre or more but short courses are equally entertaining. Reasonably well groomed grounds where the croquet golf ball can roll are recommended. Concrete or driveways are not suggested for courses other than playing across them briefly as part of a longer hole. If you’ve designed a croquet golf course that you want to share, be sure to share you croquet golf course design on Nine Holes Anywhere Facebook page.

On Father’s Day I played with my 67-year-old dad and my 4-year-old son. Awesome!

– William C.