Croquet Golf Equipment

A challenge. A game. A masterpiece. Each croquet golf set is the embodiment of uncompromising quality and exceptional hand craftsmanship. The Croquet golf equipment we produce from the set of 9 numbered pin flags to the finely sanded shafts, Nine Holes Anywhere (NHA) invites you to experience a new level of challenge, skill and performance in a fun and family-friendly outdoor yard game. Master the rules of croquet golf.



Six croquet golf balls
included per set.

Carrying Bag

Heavy-duty canvas croquet golf carrying bag to easily carry your game of nine holes…anywhere.


Four 33-inch dark stained croquet golf mallets with durable black grips, engineered to withstand full swings. NHA logo and brass tag.

Bottle Openers

Because opening bottles is encouraged when playing fun outdoor games.


NHA-patented steel flag-pins numbered 1-9 with brass bell. Flag-pins lay flat for storage and form 3 a dimensional cage when in use. NHA croquet golf flag-pins lock in place for added stability during play.