Rules of Croquet Golf

Nine Holes Anywhere - Rules of Play

Croquet golf is an outdoor game that combines the challenge of golf with some of the equipment of croquet – mallets, balls, and flag-pins. The objective of Croquet golf is to hit some part of the numbered flag-pin marking the hole while taking as few swings (strokes) as possible.

The rules of Croquet golf are simple. After each hole is completed all players drive the ball from the designated tee to the next hole (flag-pin). Players tee off one at a time with the lowest scoring person or team driving first. Players are given 3 shots per hole to remain even (Par 3 in golf). Similar to golf, the players below par or closest to par have the best score. When keeping score the person or team with the lowest number of overall strokes wins.

The most popular format is best ball stroke play. This is a match in which one player plays against the better ball of two other players or the best ball of three other players. Now that you know the rules of croquet golf, it’s time to design your course.