Croquet Golf Swings

Nine Holes Anywhere - The Swing

Croquet golf swings include the Full Swing, the Hammer Head, the Flying Dutchman, and the Pool shot. The croquet golf swing is different depending on each shot. So, much like the game of traditional golf, in the game of croquet golf, develop a swing that is both comfortable and accurate.

Full Swing

The most basic technique is the Full Swing which is much like a traditional golf swing. Players use a full swing when they want to make a ball travel as far as it can go. In a full swing, a player hits the croquet golf ball with a sweeping motion of the arm and accelerates on the downswing to a full finish – of course maintaining ones balance. (10′-300′)

Hammer Head

The Hammer Head is a pendulum swing between the legs. The ends of the croquet golf mallet head face your ankles and the ball is struck with the broadside of the mallet head. This technique is used for putting, very short distances, or downhill touch shots. (1′-25′)

Flying Dutchman

Note: The Flying Dutchman is a similar but less encouraged technique where the mallet head is parallel to the feet and the ball is struck with the round mallet face (sometimes called ‘Canadian’ in honor of founder Ernie Rivet).

Pool Shot

The Pool Shot putt is the most highly recommended putting technique because of the time tested accuracy. The player kneels or lies on the ground and strikes the ball with the bottom of the mallet while looking down the handle. The mallet head rests on the ground and the player slides the mallet as if striking a pool or billiards ball with the end.